Information About Online Purchase on L’amare Website

I. Purchase Info

II. Payment Instruction

III. Delivery

IV. After-sale Service

I. Purchase Info

【Agreed Terms and Conditions】

Before your purchase online, please read the agreed terms and conditions for L’amare online purchase carefully.

【Purchase Flow】

Select commodities→ settle accounts → fill in the information and make payment → purchase done

※Select commodities

You may select the commodities you want on our website. We provide series of commodities, as well as commodities and commodity combinations exclusively sold online for you to choose.

※Settle accounts

Firstly select the purchase quantity on the page of commodity to be bought, then click「placing it in the shopping cart」, after which you can continue to select other commodities. When selection is done, click「my shopping cart」to enter into the checkout page.

※Fill in the information and make payment

Fill in the correct and detailed information of the receiver and the credit card, and then click「confirm」.

※Purchase done

The order is established after you have made payment. Your E-mail will receive the establishment of the order in real time. The commodity will be delivered to the designated address in seven working days (excluding the weekend and national holidays).