Ovarian Care Course

Uterus and ovary massage with aromatic essential oil therapy

Explanation of course outline

Day 1

  1. Development and trends of ovarian care in the Malaysian market
  2. Advantages and prospects of ovarian care
  3. Cooperative matching of ovarian care and traditional beauty, and development trend of the future beauty industry
  4. Ovarian structure (structure of ovary, function introduction of ovary, common problems and analysis of ovary care: cold in uterus, leucorrhea, infertility, late menstruation, menstrual pain, fibroids, miscarriage and inflammation)
  5. Basic diagnosis of ovary and corresponding emotions
  6. Standard operating procedures for the corresponding ovarian care
  7. Techniques include: body cleansing, towels, essential oils, abdomen and back massage, acupuncture points and lymphatic drainage
  8. Homework

Day 2

  1. Causes of different problems in the uterus and ovary
  2. What are the instruments required for different problems?
  3. Analysis and practice of specific treatment plan
  4. Combination of essential oil & care and principle introduction
  5. Functional analysis of hand techniques
  6. Formula blending
  7. Management solution for uterine and ovarian therapy
  8. Course of technique positioning
  9. One-on-one practice experience mode for students, efficacy and precautions for uterine ovarian care, massage and care techniques
  10. Homework, subsequent entrepreneurship counseling, training