The Lavinc organization who supports charity programmes ran the first caring event with Yayasan Sunbeams Home, inviting the caring society and friends together with Lavinc, lead by Chloe, total of 10 over volunteers showed up in Yayasan Sunbeams home.

Children from Yayasan Sunbeam lead a life of simple and innocent, as many of them were born without parents, or parents with financial challenges who had to send their children here! But the children had learnt to stand up against adversities in life, learning to build strength and independent qualities with a touch of cheerfulness.

Performance by the children specially for the visiting brothers and sisters.

The atmosphere was filled with cheerfulness, as they learned about, “love”, “gratitude”, “contribution” and “hope”, bringing confidence and smiles to their faces.

Volunteers and children went on several mission games, as even the bright sunlight was brought to shades by the children’s energy and passion. 100 over children and volunteers, completed the challenges with effort, and gusto.

Collaboration by all, in training, discussion and laughter, brings together tremendous amount of unity and teamwork.

We appreciate the effort of every single volunteers activities from the entire day, contributing their caring and love, interacting with the children, bringing unity and teamwork, giving the children a different kind of learning experience.

As the children reluctantly bid farewell to us, we hope we left a heartwarming memory in everyone’s heart.

We appreciate contribution and donations of resources from Lavinc and other organisations to Yayasan Sunbeams.

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